Excellent Gift and Best Assistant for coaches and players.

BallsBoy sports ball pick up, retriever, tube, caddy, ball hopper and collector assistant maximizes practice time and reduces back strain by enhancing ball pick up efficiency.

Once you have used one, you will never want to be without it..

New Generation of Sports Ball Pick Up Assistants (US Patents)
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 For: BaBo Multiball TT 75 holds more than 75 balls
 Kiran says:
It's too good our job made easy Enjoying more play time than collecting balls
 For: BaBo Multiball TT 75 holds more than 75 balls
 satyakiran kesanasetti says:
It's too good news awesome to collect balls Our job made easy now enjoying playing more
 For: BaBo Multiball TT 75 holds more than 75 balls
 Randy Goertzen says:
BaBo S 48" long Softball Picker Upper holds 13 softballs I think the softball picker upper I purchased from Ball Boys works great. It picks up the balls well and keeps them in the tube so I can put them in the cart. Definitely a back saver! The owner answered all of my questions and bent over backwards to make sure I was a completely satisfied customer! Highly recommend this product and customer service was fantastic! 5 Stars!
 For: BaBo Multiball TT 75 holds more than 75 balls
 Satish says:

BaBo Multiball TT 75 holds more than 75 balls

 5.0 out of 5 stars

Verified Purchase
Used this ball picker while helping my kids at a table tennis class, so much easier to pick up balls with its wide basket than regular long hose that take way too much time trying to align the ball with the opening. You can grab multiple balls at once. The basket comes with detachable stick that you can use to pull all the balls together from narrow corners like in my garage.
For Baseball picker upper:
It should apply to Cricket ball and Soft ball picker upper.
Babo V is a game changer for coaches and baseball facilities. As a former major league pitcher and now a high school 
coach i do my fair share of shagging baseballs. Babo V is a must for any coach or hitting facility. Its light weight and 
saves your back and makes picking up baseballs quick and allows you to spend more time with your players.  
Randy Wells
Chicago Cubs Pitcher
I run a fast paced heavy use indoor baseball facility. We are always looking for quality products to help us and the 
BaBo has been great. Easy to use quick and simple this device has been exactly what we have been looking for! We 
look forward to many years of use from the Babo! Chloe Bags Outlet
William Shupper
I love this product. When I received it, I was a bit confused on how it looked looked. But when I started to use it, I realized how awesome it was. It works really well and it makes my job easier. It saves time when picking up balls. I use it when I take my son hitting, and as a coach I use it during practice. I have had it for a year and use it regularly, so it holds up well.

Verified Purchase
I got this for my husband's baseball team and it works great! I would highly recommend it!
The Babo has been a tremendous help to my sons batting cage effectiveness. I had surgery last winter and I couldn't 
bend over to pick up baseballs by hand. The ball retriever quadrupled our cage time. We could actually pick up 14 
baseballs in approximately 16 seconds as opposed to picking them up and hand carrying to the bucket. This enabled 
us to focus on hitting and getting into a much more instructional experience during batting practice. I would highly 
recommend this product for those who hit frequently in the cages.
Best of luck,
Steve Pradd 
Riverside, CA 
Baseball Dad
I am very pleased with the BaBo V  Using it in the batting cages not only saves my back but speeds up ball collection.  
It is quick and easy and the kids loving using it, too! What a great tool.
 Ray S.
Youth Baseball Coach
Fremont, CA
"I've been a little league coach for over ten years and have picked up a lot of baseballs.  When I was asked to use 
the Babo V Ball Picker Upper, I thought I might like it.  But I must say, me and my back fell in love with it.  It makes 
picking up baseballs quick, easy, and there is no bending over.  My kids on the team love to use it as well - I've never 
seen kids so excited to pick up baseballs.  It's a simple tool, but can make life as a baseball coach that much easier."
Matt Hansen​
For Tennis ball picker upper
 Bartt says:
September 13, 2016 at 3:36 am
My daughter and I love this tennis ball pickup and caddy. It makes it very convenient and easy to pickup, store and transport tennis balls. It is quite well engineered, and appears to be built to last a lifetime. I like the fact that this device is hand crafted by an entrepreneur who is interested in consumer satisfaction and feedback. My back is also happier with much less bending down to pickup the balls from the ground. I highly recommend these devices for picking up any of the sports balls that they are designed and built for.
"I love this ball tube! It's very durable and picks up balls well. It is compact and easy to store since you can break it down into two parts. There's no other ball tube on the market that does that. It is made of strong materials and I can see myself using it for many years to come."
Anh M.
I received the tennis ball retriever last week and it is a back saver. The only modification I will make is putting a handle on the tube to make it easier to hold and operate. Seller has a Great price, however needs to speed up the shipping and add a handle to get a ten star rating from me, instead of a 8 star rating as shipped..,, Thanks Bob
For Golf ball picker upper 
I am very pleased with my purchase of the BaBo Ball Picker Upper.  The Babo is very easy to use, and picks up all 
the balls that land in various places on the ground.  The 48" item is a great length, and saves my back a lot of pain 
now that I don't have to bend down and reach for every single ball.  Thank you for an affordable and very valuable 
Thank you,
We tried out the BaBO on the weekend. If works very well.  It is cool.
Happy selling
Alison from Australia
I would like to apologize for not leaving feedback. For some reason I can't go back and leave feedback now. I am 
extremely happy with the Babo, I must have let the time elapse.
- tdhayes64
For Table Tennis ball picker upper
Hello Kul, We put the BaBo to a good test today, played for about 2 hours. The BaBo works great! We 
picked up a lot of balls, no problems. Your invention is very creative and will certainly enhance our 
pleasure playing ping pong by not having to bend over and pick up the balls. Since I have arthritis in 
my hands, I started having soreness from holding the tube, so I am going to add a handle to the BaBo. 
But that's not a problem with the BaBo, that's my health problem. We are certainly going to recommend 
the BaBo to all of our friends who play ping pong. You really came up with a great idea. Thanks again, 
For multiball table tennis ball picker upper
​This thing rocks. Works like a charm. The strings could be a bit tighter or more closely spaced since 
the balls fall out every once in awhile but overall a great invention! Best of luck making your first million! 5 stars!
- d2b223b8t


By GG7 on August 31, 2016

Verified Purchase

I love this cady ... it's simple design works...Just bought another one for my Son...


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