Excellent Gift and Best Assistant for coaches and players.

BallsBoy sports ball pick up, retriever, tube, caddy, ball hopper and collector assistant maximizes practice time and reduces back strain by enhancing ball pick up efficiency.

Once you have used one, you will never want to be without it..

New Generation of Sports Ball Pick Up Assistants (US Patents)
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Baseball Picker upper Products
BaBo V Baseball 36" long Ball Picker upper holds 14 balls
BaBo VC 48" long Portable Baseball Picker Upper holds 19 balls
BaBo V Baseball 48" long Ball Picker upper holds 19 balls
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BABO,Balls Boy,YOUTUBE  VIDEO demonstrates ease of single ball pick up and multiball pick up for Table Tennis balls. The best replica watches concept applies to BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, TENNIS, CRICKET, GOLF and TABLE TENNIS ball picker upper product line

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